Inhale Soothing Brilliance

Reveal the pathways of discovery toward holistic fragrance and uncover a unique integrated focus on balancing subtle, elegant notes…

Welcome to the world of Da Fe, where the lingering aroma “Da” and the dense fume “Fe” are softly drifting together.
A multitude of seductive fragrances, spanning from Floral to Tropical, Musk to Oudh, stay in a setting for hours and saturate the ambiance with beguiling aromas.

A soft, inviting, intense, and soothing incense made only from the purest floral petals, woody elements, and fruity tones showcased throughout in terms of elegance and beauty. It’s not enough for us to just provide you with pure luxury incense that creates an elegant, harmonious atmosphere wherever you are.
Da Fe’s fragrances are made of natural flower powder, aromatic wood powder, natural colours, and pure essential oils of delicate flowers, free from harmful chemicals and charcoal, accentuating a sophisticated fragrance blend, making it an absolute necessity for aesthetes all across. Nevertheless, the women from the Bhagirathi Mahila Group are also employed assiduously by the brand, which will undoubtedly help them grow with the brand. We are happy to empower these women!

Da Fe is keen to further suffuse your surroundings with fragrant candles, perfumes, personal fragrances, air fresheners, and many other essentials in conjunction with its Ambiente & Amaranthine incense selection.
Come to a universe where indigenous wisdom is fused with a contemporary aesthetic.

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