Experience golden goodness

Dorado is about moving to a life where everything works better – physical, mental, emotional health , and also the health of our surroundings. 

The food that we eat plays a major role in achieving holistic well-being. That’s why, Dorado brings to you a range of natural food products without adding any preservatives.

Traditionally, as Bharatiyas we refer to our mothers as Annadata (Life-giver). Mother Earth feeds us and shapes us, naturally nurturing us. A huge shoutout to Bhagirathi Mahila Sanstha which gives Dorado freedom to become a more self-reliant and sustainable.

Encompassing a truly sustainable approach to highlight the need of the hour, Dorado endeavors to transform the market perspective towards natural foods.

The Dorado Life is not just a healthy way of eating but also enshrined to focus on simple pleasures and wholeness amidst our busy lifestyles.

Come, join us with purity at the heart of every action and nutrient-rich foods that act as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents plus much more.

Certified Organic Honey