Golden Lining Of Goodness

We are a legacy, family-owned brand that has been engaged in Kolhapur, Maharashtra in social, economic, and political spheres for decades with a longstanding history and are absolutely relentless about manufacturing natural food products, body care products, and luxury incense to make the health & wellness industry ameliorate. Under the House of Dorado umbrella, we aim to offer three distinct brands: Dorado, Da Fe, and Armaa, each of which is focused on the manufacturing of nutritious food products for internal well-being fragrances, and body-care products. We focus on offering customers ace products that enable them to lead healthier lifestyles under the institution of trust and integrity of the House of Dorado.
Sustainability in sourcing, transparency on fronts, and cutting-edge evaluation techniques have all been fundamental elements of our commitment to the phenomenal quality catered to global customers who cherish a delightful shopping experience, exemplary service, and an array of the choicest products.
Nevertheless, the company also works hard to hire women from the Bhagirathi Mahila Group, which will ultimately enable them to flourish with the brand. We strongly believe that women are the foundation of our society and they should be treated with the dignity they deserve. Their empowerment makes us smile!
Welcome to the House of Dorado, a brand that subtly promotes all-natural health & wellness products while preserving the environment’s delicate balance! 

Vishwwaraj Mahadik - Founder

From Founder's Desk...

“Our vision is to introduce a healthy lifestyle by bringing in natural, healthy & better products in the market without compromising the quality of the Products. We aim to bring in change in the thought process of people which will enable to choose healthier products and provide them with the suitable alternative. House of Dorado is driven by the thought of collective consciousness where in you give back to the society and environment more than you receive creating a cycle of Goodness. This thought also encompasses our women members at ‘Bhaghirathi Mahila Sanstha’, who have helped us in achieving our dreams and vision and empowering themselves in the process. Heartfelt gratitude to them. Without them “WE” would not have been possible”

- Vishwwaraaj Mahadik

Founder- House of Dorado


Grow towards a better tomorrow.

By 2024 we aim to expand our markets reach and be a customer’s obvious choice by providing innovative and reliable solutions


Have faith and trust the process.

With a skill development system at its core, House of Dorado is dedicated towards building a growth story inline with our customer first approach, sustainable goals, dynamic reputation and business ethics 


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