Strawberry & Fruit Melange Combo


Strawberry Fruit & Honey Spread (250 G)

Fruit Melange Fruit & Honey Spread (250 G)

Strawberry – A vivid crimson syrup with a sweet, ambrosial redolence merged with the richness of Dorado Honey is created from the finest strawberries from Maharashtra’s exuberant fields. A great substitute for jam given its velvety, uniform texture, striking color, and flavor, Dorado Strawberry Honey Spread strikes the superlative balance of sweet and tart. As part of a diverse diet, relish it as breakfast on toast or stir it into natural yogurt or cereal.

Dorado Mixed Fruit Spread is an explosion of flavors on your palate, the ultimate synthesis of peculiar fruits with Dorado Honey. Fashioned from luscious mangos, apples, bananas, and tropical papayas, the characteristically sweet aroma, fluid texture, and tangy flavor of Dorado Mixed Fruit Honey Spread is a combined effect of sucrose and organic acids from fresh fruits!



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