Artisanal Multiflora Honey (250 g)


Color: Light amber
Aroma: Rustic with spicy notes
Sweetness: Medium
Sourness: Medium
Bitterness: Absent
Aftertaste: Warm

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Dorado Multifloral Artisanal Honey is a blend of three monofloral honeys. The blend consists of Ajwain, Cilantro & Berseem honey, each imparting its distinct flavor, fragrance and goodness to the Artisanal blend. The light amber colored honey is clean flavored with mildly spicy notes and green herbal aromas. Produced by Apis Cerena Bees, the Multifloral Artisanal Honey is a perennial and provincial harvest from Gujarat (Ajwain), Rajasthan (Cilantro) and Chittorgarh (Berseem).


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