Monofloral Lychee Honey (250 g)


  • Colour: Translucent yellow
  • Aroma: Mildly floral with fruity hints
  • Sweetness: Medium
  • Sourness: Very Low
  • Bitterness: Absent
  • Aftertaste: Sweet
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Dorado Monofloral Lychee Honey is a light coloured translucent honey. It has mild floral fragrance with hints of tropical fruit. This seasonal honey is harvested from the Lychee Orchards of Bihar in the months of April & May. The nectar collected by Apis Mellifera bees is thinly viscous, light in color and has moderate sweetness. Along with its anti-oxidative and anti-bacterial properties, this honey is also helpful in digestive disorders due to the presence of several organic compounds. Consume daily with your breakfast cereal to experience its great taste and benefits


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